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Welcome to the world of Stuff

Welcome to Stuff Design and our extensive kitchen & dinning collection, designed and produced to perfection.



Our collection of CRAFT BOARDS is a range of wooden cutting and serving boards in great design and quality, at competitive and commercial prices.

The collection is produced from top quality Acacia and Sheesham wood.

All products are handmade in India by skilled wood craftsmen.



Raw Boards are our most unique collection of cutting boards. Produced from high quality Acacia wood, cut directly from the trunks of the tree, to maintain the natural shapes from the tree, making each of these cuttingboards unique with their own individual shape.

A natural and living cutting board that will look amazing on every tapas table, or as a beautifull and functional design product in the kitchen.


The NORDIC BOARDS collection is a exclusive range of cutting and serving boards made from highest quality of Oak wood with a wax.

The collection is designed with focus on the simple and elegant Scandinavian style.

All products in this collection are produced in Europe.


In our Stone collection we offer a range of dinnerware produced in Portugal from hardburnt stoneware and an amazing reactive glaze that make each product unique and that will look beatifull on the dinner table.

We also offer an amazing range of trays and boards in Travertine stone, which is a beatifull natural stone, that weill bring a unique touch to both table and kitchen.

Handmade in India.


Leather collection is a super cool collection of aprons, placemats, bbqgloves and breadbaskets.

Our leather products are all handmade in India from the finest and best leather materials – and are must haves in the kitchen or at the bbq in the garden.

In our canvas collection we have kombined topquality canvas with elegant details on leather, to make beautifull and unique products with cool details.

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